Family Travel VII: El mundo de Magec

We just couldn’t be looking for travel families and forget about El mundo de Magec. This is the family of Javier a Catalan living in Gran Canaria, Tania a Canarian herself and Magec, the sun of the family. They love going hiking and adventure travel. For us it is a special blog as we come from the same places and it is now when I find myself re-discovering places that I once visited or that I wanted to go and “never had time”. It is because of them that every time we go back to Gran Canaria we look for something else to see beyond visiting family and friends. Thank you.

How was your first trip as a family? 

Since I’m from Barcelona, the first family trip was there to officially introduce Magec to that side of the family, he was barely three or four months. Very little could go wrong in that trip, so we didn’t worry much.
But the first big trip was around the time when Magec was turning one year old, we went on a roadtrip in a van for a month through Andalusia, this was already plan B, the idea at the beginning was going to Croatia, but we thought it would be less stressful to avoid the language barrier handicap.

What did you thought would be the worst and then wasn’t that bad? And the other way around?

At first we were worried that during a flight he’ll start crying without being able to sooth him as he had seen that before. This never happened to us, it is one of the wonders of breastfeeding.
As he has grown, and our flights become longer, between plane screens, the non-stop movies and tales, notebooks and crayons, our flights have always been peaceful.

What is always in your luggage? What did you use to take but don’t anymore?

As we go anywhere, our luggage always has a swimsuit in case we go to the beach and some winter cloth and a raincoat in case we go to the mountain. In fact we have those things not only in our luggage but in the van there is a small bag with that for any day as we never know what is going to happen.
Something that we used to take with us and with time we stopped taking (once we went beyond a month on a trip) are diapers, it has to be a really bad situation if there is a place where you can’t find diapers, so taking them for the whole time you are vacationing today seems crazy.

 What tricks do you use while getting to your final destination?

We try them to be during the night and if not we take a variety of entertainment.
Besides taking books, notebooks and crayons as I mentioned before, we also take board games or we make up some in the moment.

What is your advice to safe some money in these trips?

The best tip would be to co-sleep. Magec is almost seven and sometimes we still go co-sleeping. We are very fond of public transportation wherever we go, if you move like the locals do it would always be cheaper than moving with the usual tourist transfers.

How do you plan your trips?

Where we are going is something we decided (if it was for our kid he knows where to go, he wants to see tigers in the wild) and once we’ve decided we explain to him what we are going to see, we locate it in a map and we get him to know the places we believe could be more interesting for him so we build up his expectation and willingness to go.
As for packing we are minimalists, we don’t mind what sort of destination we are heading or whether is summer or winter. We try to travel with the fewest things and if it’s possible with a carry on. We are firmly believers that less is more. More movement freedom, faster on airports transits and furthermore healthier backs.
We don’t have that issue when we go on the camper van, we can afford all the “what if” that we want there.

Share an anecdote with us.

In these past years there have been plenty of anecdotes, but one that shows how kids can take it all and that they are happy anywhere is one that we’ve experienced several times during our Asian trips
We try to take public transport for long distance, but when it is short distance, days out and such, we like going by ourselves on a bike. In these trips I always tell them that if there is something they want to see they just have to tell me and we’ll stop but not to just look from side to side  or above my shoulder because then the bike moves. So in one of those times that the bike kept moving and Tania kept telling me that she wasn’t moving at all, we realised that it was Magec that had fallen sleep, fast asleep, and that was going sideways. Since it was the first time, we were surprised, but then we’ve realised that it was very common.
If he is tired he falls sleep and rests, it doesn’t matter if it is a bed, a sofa, a chair while we are sitting at the table, on a bench while we wait for the train, at the airport bivouacking or while we are on a day trip on  a bike. As easy as that, I am tired and sleepy, so I fall asleep and rest.

What trip is a must as a family? Which would you avoid?

Any destination is a must with the family, it is a matter of applying common sense. If we are happy, so is he; and viceversa. We always try to have some of his interests too when we plan for a trip, it’s a win win.

Where is the next trip?

We have nothing plan for this year. We’ve only talk a bit about going to Eastern Europe, like Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine or even the Balkans, but nothing concrete.
We have a few important matters in hand that would make a last minute decision. So this year the plan is that there is no plan.

What advice would you give (us) families that want to start travelling?

Few advice really, in the end a baby or a small kid is taken care of the same way anywhere you are. The basic needs are the same: food, rest, hygiene, love. Everything easy given anywhere in the world.
The best tip is to let go, forget about routines and enjoy the experience.
We just loved their answers!! And the best part is that it doesn’t seem that difficult, if you want to follow them you already know, here is their blog and their social media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)
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