50 things to do in Madrid

Madrid is one of those cities that we go back for the mere pleasure. Madrid is charming and thousands of songs got its name, the latest in our head helps calm our babies. Lately, we only go back during Christmas, but we loved it in May. And this is a reason to make a list of things to do, enjoy, see or put down places to visit in the city.

If you haven’t been here, you haven’t been in Madrid

If you visit Paris but don’t go to the Eiffel Tower is like if you’ve never been to Paris, this is the same idea but in Madrid.

1 Visit Debod Temple

This Egyptian temple was a gift in 1968 for the helped given to safe keep Nubia’s temple of the construction of Aswan dam, it is 2200 years old and a gift for the eyes too.

Templo de Debod 3
Debod’s Temple, Madrid

2 Discover the insides of the Royal Palace

It’s the official residency of the Royal family, although they live in Zarzuela, it is also the largest palace in Western Europe and you can visit it. It is a National Heritage and from here you can also enjoy a few other musts of Madrid.

3 Go to the dome of La Almudena Cathedral

You can visit the cathedral, which was built in 1884, and can also climb to its dome, visit the museums and the crypt.

4 Get to the politics in Las Cortes Palace

A historical building that can also be visited, and look for the bullet holes that Tejero left, every 6th of December commemorating the constitution.

Be just another tourist

5 Plaza Mayor

La Plaza Mayor is one of the most emblematic places that you can’t skip on your tour, however, we encourage you to be just a tourist: stare at a street show, take a picture with the mimes and other characters in the square.

6 El Retiro

An oasis in the city is El Retiro park where, besides taking a look to the Crystal Palace, you can row around the lake.

Imagen de esmadrid.com

7 Orient Gardens

Get ready for the changing of the guards at Orient Gardens (Jardines de Oriente), or just run around like a kid between the statues.

Or be a Madrid native

Because people from Madrid also love doing these things.

8 El Rastro

Walk through this street market on Sundays, and buy something as you are already there!

9 Paseo del Prado

There is no avenue of culture like these one, you’ll find lovely architecture and museums all around.

10 Santiago Bernabeu

Sports fill the city and, whether you like it or not, Real Madrid stadium is a stop for everyone, you call also take a look at the museum.

11 Wanda Metropolitano

We  couldn’t leave the other big stadium outside of this list, Atlético de Madrid’s new stadium has also a tour, although you rather want to watch a game.

12 Neptuno and Cibeles

And if you’ve been to the stadiums, these are the places to celebrate (Neptuno for the Atletico supporters and Cibeles for the Real Madrid). If you don’t like football, no problem! These statues are really nice to watch.

13 Sabatini’s Gardens

Next to the Royal Palace there are some pretty gardens, how about a picnic?

Instagram yourself

The social media where everyone looks awesome, but what would you do without these pictures?

14 Oso y El Madroño

They might have move it but it is still in Puerta del Sol, it is Madrid’s symbol and you’ll always find people queuing to take a picture with this estrange couple.

2015 Madrid (18)

15 Puerta de Alcalá

Ana Belen and Victor Manuel already sung at this famous door, now is your turn to pose before it.

16 Kilometre Zero

Another usual on Instagram is Madrid’s zero kilometre in front of the clock in Puerta del Sol. This is where all the roads of the Spanish peninsula (don’t forget there are two sets of islands: Canary and Balearics).

17 Don Quixote and Sancho Panza

The country’s capital had to honor the most celebrated Spanish author, and in honor of Cervantes, are the pictures of his most charismatic characters.

Madrid is full of art

There is art all around you. Theatres and museums for everyone.

18 Gran Vía

Gran Via is often compared to Broadway, this main artery has not only shops but plenty of theatres and great musicals. Don’t miss the show.

19 The Prado

The National Museum of El Prado has multiple pieces of the greatest painters, but you can’t leave without seeing Las Meninas of Velázquez.

20 Reina Sofía

And if you are enjoying the art sphere, don’t miss Guernica at Reina Sofía Museum.

Imagen de Museo Reina Sofia

21 Matadero

Concerts and more art for the little ones and yourself is what this modern area offers.

Time to eat

22 Calamari sandwich

There is nothing more typical and life saving as eating a calamari sandwich near Plaza Mayor, it might not be a delicious dish, but it just suits you.

España-Madrid (1)

23 y 24 La Latina and Sol

For several years the main tapeo (going to eat tapas) area but not the only one. Search around La Latina and if you’re still looking for more you can go to Sol.

25 San Ginés

The famous chocolate shop is packed during the Christmas holiday, but a good hot chocolate with churros or porras can be taken anytime, specially if it’s this good!

España-Madrid (3)

26 Cocido

If you’re looking for traditional dishes, then cocido madrileño is the king of the region. Book at La Bola and taste it.

27 Pónme unas bravas

Although they are widely known as “bravas”, brava refers to the hot sauce that goes with it. These potatoes cut in irregular dices are a common dish in any bar, so it’s time to hunt the best bravas in Madrid.

28 Casa Labra

Opened since 1860, you can’t leave the city without trying its cod or cod’s croquettes  whatever you choose.

29 The Omelette

It’s probably one of the easiest dishes to make, you just need eggs, potatoes and olive oil, for some onion is also a must others wouldn’t even consider it; and yet you won’t find two omelettes alike. Go look for you favourite!

30 El Jardín Secreto

Enter El Jardín Secreto taste their dishes while you enjoy this charming place.

31 Melo’s

Melo’s is just an ordinary bar, no Michellin star or even table cloth, but its zapatillas (a sandwich made of lacón and cheese from Galicia in bread loaf) and their croquettes are delicious any Friday night.

32 Santa Ana Square

If you are still looking for more, look around Santa Ana Square for new bars.

33 Rosquillas

A sweet that flourishes in spring to celebrate San Isidro. Go to Las Vistillas and full fill you sweet tooth.

Sunsets in Madrid

There are plenty of sunset spots around the city, from the Debod’s temple to the Royal Palace, we recommend you these.

34 Terraza Cibeles

Opposite to Cibeles Square is Madrid’s town hall, a building just worth seeing, it also has the perfect terrace for great sunsets.

Imagen de madridlowcost.es

35 Royal Theatre

Not facing the sun directly but with the Royal Palace on the background, just sit here and watch the Sun go down.

A night out in Madrid

It’s after sunset, we should get a drink and go out, shouldn’t we?

36 La Casa de Granada

Next to Tirso de Molina Square, in a random building, there is this spectacular terrace; perfect spot to start a good party.

37 La Azotea del Círculo

Another incredible place to have a drink is the Círculo de Bellas Artes’ terrace.

39 Malasaña

It’s party time!

40 Chueca

The gay area of the city also holds some of the best parties in town.

Imagen de itinari.com

What else can I do in Madrid?

Because you can, Madrid has all these and much more.

41 Wander around Madrid Río

After the monumental construction of M30, Madrid has an impressive park, take the time to bike or skate around it, feel free to bring the kids.

42 Buy a book in Cuesta de Moyano

Famous due to its books’ huts, every year it’s celebrated here the Madrid’s Book Fair, so it is seriously the perfect place to take a book back home.

43 Multicultural Lavapiés

This inner hood has become one of those it-hoods now, thousands of bars and restaurants have flourish to satiate your hunger and curiosity. Authentic Indian, Mexican or Senegalese restaurants to get you started, furthermore theatres and up-cycled areas.

44 Searching for street art

As any other big city, Madrid has received street artists with a smile, look for a good grafitti, with a name and a message.

2015 Madrid (14)

45 Cyclo-via

Another wonderful thing in Madrid is the so called (Green Ring) Anillo Verde de Madrid, 64 kilometres of cycling lane that go around the city and stops at places like Casa de Campo or El Capricho Park.

46 Casa de Campo

If you don’t feel like walking you can use the cable car to fly over Madrid’s lung.

47 and 48 Mercados

Markets for everyone, San Miguel (the most famous and touristy) and San Fernando (more local and it has a nice vibe too).

49 Caixa Forum

Do you want to see a vertical garden? Come to Caixa Forum.

50 The Golden Mile

Whether you can afford to buy or not, just take a walk around the luxury in the Golden Mile.

And with this summary we got to the end of the list.

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