Family Travel III: Menudos Viajeros

Suzanne is from The Netherlands but lives in Spain where, together with Marcelo and their children (Dalia and Batiste) created Menudos Viajeros, a web dedicated to parents that are willing to travel (like we are!). You’ll find many routes in large Spanish cities, European destinations and even a few trips crossing the Atlantic. What would they answer to our questions?

How was your first family trip?

Our first trip was to The Netherlands when our daughter was 4 months. That time it was just the two of us in the flight. I had never flown with a baby before, so I tried to get as ready as possible. The worst moment was while we were boarding the plane, she didn’t want to be in the carrier so I was holding her while carrying my hand luggage, showing our passports and nobody helped us. It was a stressful moment, but the trip itself was great. We learned that on a play it is very important to have it all you might need handy. Once in The Netherlands we stayed with family so it was an easy and comfortable trip.

What did you think it would be the worst and then wasn’t? And the other way around?

I thought that travelling by myself with a baby could become a nightmare in a second (I imagine myself with diapers full, non stop crying…) but she behaved well and slept almost the whole trip.

What is always in your luggage? Was there something you used to take but know don’t find it necessary?

If it’s a short trip, for me is a must to take a change of clothe per day per child. Mine (who are now 3 and 6 years old) get dirty as fast as the speed of light. We always take a small bag with a full change of clothe (even when we go to the park just around the corner) and it has saved us a few times. In that bag we used to take diapers, wipes, lotion… and now it has bandage, wipes, snacks and a small toy.

What tricks do you use while travelling to your destination?

It’s crucial to keep them busy at airports. Age accordingly take some toys. In our case, they’ve always like painting, stickers, playing with the iPad or some car toys…

What is your advice for saving in these trips?

Plan ahead, fly before they turn 2, search the web for museum deals or so, avoid high season… We have an post (in Spanish) about it here.

How do you plan your family trips?

El destino lo solemos elegir mi marido y yo, teniendo en cuenta los gustos de la familia, la edad de los niños etc. También hemos escrito sobre ello y puedes leerlo aquí.

Share an anecdote of one of those trips

Each trip is unique and we try to get the best of them. We love travelling together to create new and beautiful family memories.

Which destination do you think is a family must? Which would you avoid?

We think Spain has many beautiful and family friend places to visit. We loved Slovenia too, we visited last year. A highly recommended destination!

Where next?

We haven’t planed our trips for this year yet. We’ve had a year of travelling so we might have to slow down a bit. We’ll go back to Baztan valley in Navarra, we loved it!

What advise will you give (us) any family that wants to start travelling?

Our advice is always forget the phrase “now that you’ve got kids say goodbye to travelling”! Also these that we share (in Spanish) in the web.


You can follow their footsteps through their blog or social media (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Google+)

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