Biomuseo, biodiversity to its best

It took us a while to visit Panama’s Biomuseo even if we’ve passed by thousands of times. The reason for that is the famous “there’ll be time to do so” meanwhile we enjoyed the area, which also has something to offer. But finally, we “checked our schedules” and put a date to visit this incredible museum.

Biomuseo from the sky

We arrived on a rainy day, one of those heavy Panamanian rains, and the imposing figure of the museum covered us underneath its tree-canopy-looking structure. Literally that was the idea of the design, to integrate Panamanian nature into the building (colours and shape give final touch) and to tell the story of how the country was originated. We started our trip with the permanent exhibitions.

Highly recommended to families 


On the first exhibition you’ll learn about biodiversity, the state of some species (at risk, extinct, etc.) and about the medical and scientific research being done in the country. An interesting fact is that there is more biodiversity in the Panamanian land than in any other place in the world. To think that such a small country has so many species of fauna and Flora, only gives us the urge to visit every inch of it.

We share DNA


If the facts of the first few exhibitions make you want to visit the country, going from the Caribbean to the Pacific exploring its wonders through a video will make you want to pack your backs this instant. Ten screens and vibrant music will make you feel part of the scenery.

The origins of the country

When Panama arose it had an impact, for the world, it separated oceans and joined the continent. Species met others where separated by the isthmus. Thanks to the volcanic eruptions, what millions of years ago was a group of islands became this narrow piece of land that joins North and South America. The data given, the rocks shown and the theories that emerge won’t leave you untouched.

Representation of North and South American species meeting

There are also temporary exhibitions, a cafe facing the gardens ready for the sunset. What else can you ask for? Well this is not the end of the museum, it is for now, but it has an upcoming extension to show the oceans.

Panama awaits

Cost (it includes the audioguides):

Resident: $10 ~ 8€

Foreign: $18 ~ 15€

5-17 years old: $6-$11 ~ 5-9€ (varies from resident or foreign)

Family pack: $24-40 ~ 20-33€ (varies from resident or foreign)

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