Family Travel I: Con Peques se Puede

We have the luxury to interview our first family travellers. We talked to Con Peques se Puede (a Spanish family); let us introduce you to this family of 4, Oscar is the narrator of the adventures experienced together with his wife and their children. They do all kind of trips keeping the same goal, to get the best of each journey, whether is a long trip or a getaway, both children and adults. They’ve travelled to places like Croatia, Egypt or Scotland. You can check their guidelines and tricks to travel with the little ones.

These are their answers to this mini interview that we’ve done to them as experts to figure out how to travel with kids.

How was the first trip as a travel family? 

Our first trip as a travel family was to Menorca. We had heard that it was a good place to go as a family and we planned it. We stayed for a bit longer than a week, we took a ferry (with our car), slept in an apart hotel and our daughter was 11 months. We took dozens of diapers and food, instead of buying or preparing it there.

What did you think that was going to be the worst of the trip and turned out not to be that bad? How about the other way around?

Sleeping was something we were a bit worried about, but she got used to (we got used to) just fine. We did’t have any difficulties.

What is always in your luggage? What item don’t you get in your luggage anymore but once thought you wouldn’t survive without it?

Something to colour, some toy cars and some small board games. I can’t recall something we stopped taking but… getting the luggage ready has become more rational.

What tricks do you use to survive on your commute to your final destination?

It depends on the means of transport, but we tend to use what we’ve described above as well as to sleep, sing, watch some cartoons or movie or to read.

What area your saving trips for these family trips? 

Research, research and more research. Be flexible in the routes, destinations and type of accommodation. Eat where locals eat as much as possible.

How do you plan your family trips? 

We’ve had a destination bucket list for a while now. We don’t have time to do it all, but we always have somewhere to go. You can always leave time for something random of course. The little ones don’t take part in the decision making yet as they are too little. But we keep them informed of everything.

Share with us an anecdote of one of those family trips

During our trip to Sardinia, our eldest daughter (back then our only child), was about to turn two and didn’t stop talking… with anyone that came by. We were in a restaurant in Alghero and she started talking to the locals on the next table and they turned to be working in the fair. She got as many rides as she wanted on the fair for free just because she talked to them… and just until then she was afraid of the fun fiar.

What destination do you think is a family must? Which would you suggest to avoid at all cost?

Every place has something interesting and you can go with kids to practically any place. I would wait until they are a bit older to take them to a few places, like India for example.

What is your next trip as a family? 

A few days ago we got back from a getaway in Marrakech (in fact, you send us this interview while we were on the trip)… next we are planning to go to Disneyland Paris for the second time in a year (we need to amortize the annual pass). We have already planned 2018 to its fullest.

What would be your advice to (us) any family who wants to start travelling?

A friend of mine once told me that he wasn’t travelling because he didn’t want to experience a tantrum somewhere in the world. My answer was clear: I rather have a tantrum while I’m travelling somewhere. In the end kids are kids anywhere in the world and they are going to behave similarly… Don’t be afraid to travel. There are kids everywhere.

Trollstigen (Noruega)

So if you want to get to know them better here is their blog: Con peques se puede, you can also follow them in their social media (Facebook, Twitter or Instagram) to get the latest news.

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