What happened in 2017?

2017 comes to an end and we get year summaries of all kind from everywhere. To be honest, it can be helpful to look back to our achievements, challenges and adventures lived.

What can we say about 2017? We would have to divide the year into pieces to be able to analyse them, it hasn’t been the same in all areas of our lives.

Trips and travels

The big trip of the year was basically moving countries: from Turkey  to Panama. But we haven’t been able to complete the goals we had last year. In fact, we’ve only achieved 2 (Coiba island and to visit any city in Colombia, we went to Medellin) out of the 7 we had thought.

santa catalina 6

So we could consider this part of our lives was a “failure”. However, we don’t feel that way. It’s true that we would have liked to have more trips, but we faced two realities: 1) the region is more expensive than we expected (and for sure more expensive than our previous destination) and 2) the beginning of the pregnancy wasn’t easy so our need for travel decreased.



On this spectrum of our lives we have achieved more than we once thought.  For starters, and as a result of moving countries, our list of friends has enlarged, of course! And this is one of the reasons we love our lives, moving from one place to the next, it is a way of having many and good friends to share and to live new experiences.


On the other hand, our family has grown, it has double! In November the family grew, Nara and Ezra were born and that was part of the reason we’ve travelled less. Not feeling 100%, the nasty roads and the heat made travelling more difficult, but now that they are here, we are getting ready to keep on travelling.

So, with the intention of travelling more, with the opportunity of teaching our kids this wonderful world and its wonderful people, we realised that we still have a lot to learn. We decided then to ask  the experts, those travel families that share their experiences in blogs (and others that don’t) to get the confirmation that you can and should travel with kids (of course it is going to be different now, so it’s our lives). We will be sharing, not only our trips and getaways, these small “interviews” that we’ve done. So if you are willing to travel with your little ones too, don’t miss this incredible stories.

What about 2018?

This year we haven’t done a travel wishlist for the year to come. As it is Nara and Ezra’s first year, we thought it would be more reasonable to make the plans as we go counting on their pace. But let’s keep wishing!

We would love to keep discovering Panama, for sure all those places that we didn’t visit last year although they were planned (Bocas del Toro, Boquete and San Blas), we have to say that once we’ve lived here for a while we have realised many other places worth the visit, so we’ll also try those. No doubt, we’ll travel to Spain, this time to a few places within the country and of course we’ll share our impressions and secrets, but that will be further along. Last, it would be great if we could go to a Caribbean island, which one? only time would say and if you want to hear about it stay tuned.

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