Christmas in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Around this time last year, we talked about things you could do in Madrid during the Christmas holiday and following that “tradition” it is time to summarise what you could do in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria during the festive season.

If you travel to the Canary Islands, and in this case to Gran Canaria, around this time of the year come with beach wear but don’t forget something in case it gets cold (a jacket or sweatshirt is perfect for a night by the sea). Now let’s focus, what’s up in LPGC during the Christmas break?


If you like nativities, you’ll see more than one in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, at San Telmo Park or in the building of the Cabildo for example; but there is one made of sand at Las Canteras beach made every year that you can’t skip. In 2016 it covered 1500 square meters and it took six sculptors from Belgium, Russia, Italy, France and Spain to make it. A perfect day at the beach. And it is free.


Christmas spirit

If you are looking for the Christmas spirit you should start at San Telmo Park where there will be handcraft shops, continue through Triana Street and finish the route in the historic part of the city in Vegueta, where besides the beautiful Christmas decorations at Santa Ana Square, you’ll be able to live the party in the streets.

Let’s start the year at the beach

It has become our tradition to visit Maspalomas on January 1st and start a year by the sun and in the ocean no matter how cold it is. But if you want to stay in the city, don’t hesitate to get in the water in any of the beaches the city has to offer, like Las Canteras.

New Year’s Eve and King’s night

New Year’s Eve in Vegueta is an important date, in the past few years, they’ve started to celebrate “the new year” at 5 in the afternoon and with it an incredible party in the streets surrounding Mendizabal.

But it is also a big celebration the King’s night on January 5th, as you might know, Christmas ends on the 6th in Spain. The Kings’ parade, focus on the little ones, starts by the sea port and finishes in San Telmo, get ready to enjoy the dance, the music, the sweets and the Magic Kings (also known as the Three Wise Men) who traditionally go on their camels. From San Telmo keep on going to Triana, where you’ll find open shops until late there will also be handcraft shops and life music, it can be a long night and end up having roscón for breakfast is not a bad idea.

Photo retrieved from ABC

And if you want to do any other interesting activity (special exhibitions, bargains, shows, life music, theatre…) just check the Christmas program.

You can see our best 20 pics of Sapin here and our other post about the country here.

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Christmas in


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