Casco Viejo, a route through history

(July 2017)

If you come by Panama City, there are two places that no tourist nor traveller should miss: the Canal and Casco.

The beginning of Casco Viejo

Located in the Pacific shore is El Casco, a small town dated more than 300 years ago and declared UNESCO World Heritage in 1997.

panama-casco viejo 4
Iglesia de la Compañía de Jesús

The city was built in 1673 where the Europeans settled after they discovered the South Sea. La ciudad se fundó en 1673 donde se asentaron los europeos tras descubrir el Mar del Sur. Since its foundation it has been occupied, turning it into the oldest European settlement in the Pacific coast. However, traces of prior settlements have been found. A beutiful bay is found at the entrance of Casco, its a pitty that these waters are so polluted that we can’t swim in them. If there is something characteristic of this area is its architecture and its abundant churches, some of them are still being restaured.

Renovations in Casco Viejo

For many years this particular area fell into abandonment. Middle and high class left it moving to other neightbourhoods, and buildings were neglected and deserted.

panama-casco viejo 5

That is changing now. Beyond finding governmental buildings in the most exquisite enclosures, there has been a great investment into remodeling the district (it is still in progress). In the majority of these renewed buildings you’ll find restaurants, bars, hotels and hostels that, although they turn the area into a highly tourist area, have respected the original structures and designes.

What to see in Casco Viejo?

Purple star: places of interest / Green cutlery: restarants and rooftops / Orange glass: disco and pubs

Many places of interest are found in this zone, many of them are churches. It is also possible to find, as we said before, public buildings, memorials to the French engineers who started the construction of the Canal, squares that commemorate various historic facts that affected Panama and a beautiful seaside path where you can buy Guna Yala’s handicraft.



But Casco Viejo is much more than history, here you’ll find plenty of modern, innovative and more expensive restaurants. Also lots of souvenir and handicraft shops wherever you look. Events and places that change to provide a renovated view of Casco Viejo. There is no better place in Panama City to enjoy nightlife than Casco, so just come and find you place.


Without a doubt this is our favorite place in Panama, can you tell why?

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