How do we travel so much?

A few months ago a friend asked us how did we manage to travel so much. If you look around a bit you’ll find thousands of articles about it, but every time we see them it seems very complicated. You see, most of them are focused on saving: don’t go out to eat, re-use, go shopping in second-hand shops… and although all that can be great, we believe that the goal in live is to enjoy every moment. If you enjoy skipping things you like doing for a bigger reward (a trip) it is great, but what if you don’t?

How do we travel so much? It is easy.

1.We have a good job.

Don’t get us wrong, we are not talking about “my salary has lots and lots of zeros”, no. Our job is good because it is flexible and we have many vacation days: we mean, we have time for our self (or our trips).

2.We are expats.

We get to a new country, we stay for a while and we change destinations. It is like living while traveling. We have to discover every city we are now living in, first as a tourist and then as locals (perfect examples are the two links we left there). But we’ve also change countries so we try to explore it little by little, its culture, its gastronomy, its tradition and its different areas.

Blue Mosque / Mezquita Azul
Turquia-Butterfly Valley2
Butterfly Valley / Valle de las Mariposas

3.We travel within the region.

If you look at our wishlist for this year, the trips we want to do are restricted mostly to the region we are, therefore we are saving time and money. When we lived in Angola we visited Malawi, Kenya, and Zanzibar; in Denmark, we visited Norway and Sweden; our short period in North Malawi also took us to Zambia; and in Turkey, we went to Greece, Cyprus or Iran. Now that we live in Panama, we’ve travel around the country and hopefully some more (ok, we haven’t travel that much this year but the family is growing, we need to take care of ourselves and save a bit). This doesn’t mean zero expenses but it can be cut a lot. Can you imagine if we had done all those trips if we were based in Spain!

4.We make the most of the weekends.

Following points 2 and 3, we make many trips during the weekends. If we were based in Spain those trips wouldn’t be as ·exotic·, however, everything is new and different in our newest relocation place and as we have everything to see, everything can become a trip.


You won’t find “don’t spend here but here” because we believe that a trip doesn’t have to be torture. Maybe you don’t mind eating a sandwich for 10 days in a row or maybe you do, camping or sleeping in any type of hotels, going to shows or wandering the streets for free… all those would be your expenses that you’ll have to manage because, in the end, you are the one that has to decide your trip and enjoy it.

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  1. To be honest, I don’t really see how this gives tips for other people. You are very lucky and privileged to have good jobs, being expats etc. it’s not for all.. Hope you have good trips in the future and wish you all the best! But please acknowledge your privileges.


    • We do acknowledge our privileges but what we are saying is that travelling is not so much about being able to afford far away trips but to have a clear mind set of discovering new things around you. It is true that being expats give us time to explore other countries but every time we go back home we look at things differently and try to see places that before we took for granted.


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