La Yeguada or how to be surprised by Panama’s wonders

(April 2017)

La Yeguada is a forest reserve in Veraguas province about 30 kilometres from Santiago de Veraguas. We had heard great things about this place: unusual views and quietness is what was waiting for us. We were coming back from our visit to Santa Catalina and Coiba, and decided to change from the beach to the country side.


And we were truly surprised. The panoramic view of a pine tree forest next to a lake (it is all man made) reminded us to Canadian sights more than Panamanian, but there it was.


There are few things to do in this reserve besides hiking or enjoying a day with a kayak or a paddle surf. Problem: in the reserve there aren’t any place to rent the equipment (you can find them around 5 kilometres away from the main entrance), so there is always the option of wander around, lay down and watch the day go by.


At the entrance, where you have to pay the entrance fee, there is a camping area, it is closed to the road and there is a lot of shade as it is by the pine trees; there is an other camping area in the opposite side of the lagoon, closed to the waterfall. But we decided to settle in between those too, with the lake a few metres away and alone, looking for tranquillity and silence. Unfortunately, this last part wasn’t easy: a local family decided that everyone around the lagoon should listen to their music pass midnight, these things can happen.


As we settle with our camping gear we saw the sunset, an unexpected view: the sun hiding behind the pine trees (in Panama?). Later, we made a bonfire to get warmer, yes warmer. It gets cold by the lagoon at night, so it is not silly to take some blankets. We laid down and looked at the stars, trying not to listen to the horrible music.


The next day we woke up to watch the sunrise (but we were not in the right spot) and decided to explore the area. And that is how we spent our day. At last the family stopped the music and left us alone and at last we could take a nice deep breath of the quietness that we were looking for. We left to get back to Panama City looking for new getaways.


Other information about Panama just clicking here.


Car rental: $25 per person per day

Entrance fee + camping: $2 per person

Car fee: $2

Camping gear: $5

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