5 beaches in Thassos

Having a go in the Greek islands is one of those plans that are stuck in your brain and don’t leave your mind until you finally achieve it. But, probably, when you think of Greek island you think about Mykonos, Santorini or Corfu. However, there are more than 101 Greek islands and for sure there are many others that will fulfil your needs in beauty and budget. At the beginning of last summer, we decided to visit the country for the first time and we chose one of those 98 islands left: Thassos, and today we will share with you, its top 5 beaches.

1. Golden Beach

Golden beach had to be on this list for several reasons. It is very close to both ports to which you will arrive at the island, it won’t take more than 20 minutes to get there. It has all kind of facilities: right next to the beach there is a camping site but there are also restaurants, hotels and you can rent a bike to move around the village. But it is also a good size, clean, well taken care of and golden sand beach, so if it is only for that you shouldn’t miss it.

Sunset in Golden Beach

2. Livadi

Different from the previous one, Livadi is a beach characterized by its pebbles and its isolation. With a more difficult access than Golden beach (this is important when renting a car) the beach could be just for you, but you will have to take with you all your food supply or you will need a car to find anything. But that is part of its charm, the fact that it is not crowded, that you can lay down in the silence, that it is clean, and that people have decided to create towers with pebbles zen style.


3. Giola

We change the scenery, now we talk about a natural pool in the south of the island. It has also a difficult access, it is 3 kilometres away from the asphalt road. 500 metres away from the pool there is a small restaurant where you can also park your car (if you decided to take the dirt road). This is one of the highly recommended beaches in the net, which is why you might find lots of people, and since it is a small pool it might be oppressive. That’s a reason for you to go early and as people start arriving you’d have had already enjoyed your time there. But it has a big but, you should calculate so that when you are there the water is renewed and is not enclosure for hours (due to the low tide) to be able to enjoy its crystalline color.


4. Arsanas

Next to Livadi is Arsanas beach: a small beautiful cove with a dirt road access. You can go from one beach to the next just swimming as it is a short distance by water. It has the advantage that it has a small bar at the beach, which at the same time means that there will be a larger number of people and that the music might be too loud. This is why, as we said with Giola, it is best to go early and when you feel it is too crowded just move to Livadi.


5. Salaria or Marble beach

One of the most spectacular beaches we’ve ever seen is Salaria (or Marble beach). A small cove, with a difficult access, formed by white sand and small marble pebbles giving the sea bottom a great color. Although it is a small cove it has a small bar, and it happens the same as in Arsanas or in Giola: after the first few hours of the day it gets too crowded. So if you want to sit down and swim as if you owned the place you will have to get up early.


So this is our selection, but we will love to hear your opinion.

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beaches in thassos


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