10 places not to miss in Cyprus

Summer is coming and it is time to get your holidays ready and we would like, if we can, to help you plan (or to get you more confuse, it just depends on the way to look). You might remember it from last year that we visited the island of Cyprus, to its fullest (you can see our full adventure here or here and all our pictures and videos here), but these our 10 places that we would recommend you in this beautiful island of Cyprus.

1. Protaras and around

Protaras is located on the southeast side of the island, just embedded in the busy area of Agia Napa, where you can find all types of accommodation, restaurants, party and activities during your stay. But away from the hustle, you will found some wonderful places. Two of these examples are Cape Greco and Agia Thekla.

A small dirt road will lead you to Cape Greco, a beautiful cliff with an impressive window towards the sea and caves through the wall cliff. During the day it will be packed with jumping, drinking tourist and so on, so we would recommend you to get there earlier to enjoy it by yourself and to leave when the rest start arriving.

Mirrow to the Sea Caves

Agia Thekla is just a small white church with blue domes: a perfect combination with the blue sky and sea. Almost isolated from other crowded areas it is the perfect place to take a good picture, but beyond that you can also find Nicci beach very close, although it will be crowded with tourists again.

If you want to dive in the island, this is a good spot (but not the only one) and doing it around Green Bay or Sea Caves are two good options for different reasons (all the information in the original post).

2. Karpaz Peninsula

In the northeast side of the island (North Cyprus Turkish Republic) you will find Karpaz Peninsula and the crown jewel: Golden Beach (there is also Gold Beach) and a protected area with plenty of donkeys that will stop your car to get fed and pet. But back to Golden Beach…. around three kilometres of golden sand beach, as its name says, with almost no facilities (there is just one bungalow with a small restaurant). You can camp here following the restrictions, this is one of the places in the island where tortoise lay their eggs and there are times during the year where camping at the beach is completely forbidden.

At Karpaz peninsula

3. Blue Lagoon

Now to the opposite side of the island, in the northwest area lays the protected area of Akamas Peninsula where a small lagoon exists, you can get there by a dirt road in half an hour or by those day boat trip.

If you go by land, it would seem the access to the beach is difficult, however, a natural stair has been made to the sand. You will walk several meters until the water covers your waist, but the color of the water will shock you the moment you set foot on it. Clear water, white sand and sea bottom full of fish is what you will find if you wear some goggles or snorkel.

A good option is to wait for all the boats to go back to port and enjoy the beach and the sunset in solitude. Besides their restriction, many people camp in this spot, this is also a protected area.

A few hours later the sun light was changing the color of the water

4. Avakas George

Still in Akamas peninsula but southern we change the scenery: we leave the beautiful beaches behind and get deeper into an inner side of the island.

You will find a canyon to hike for everyone. You can make a short hike (3 kilometres) or long (up to 14 kilometres), the first part it is easy and we found children around six years old and people not wearing technical shoes doing the hike, so you can see, it can be a good distraction after so many beaches.

We liked it so much just because of that, just to have a break, just to change the views and because, besides the first part, you can hike in the shade with a little bit of wind, so the sweltering and humid heat that fills the island in the summer months is less in this area.

In the canyon

5. Governor’s beach

This beach is well signaled, however, there are two very different areas. The first one on the right there is a small pebbles beach with little to offer.

eThe second one is on the left, with a more difficult access and a spectacular hotel is the one we preferred. Why? Easy, it is a small beach not with a great view, but it has a very unusual rock formation: big flat white rocks, as white as the mini-hills which surround it. If it wasn’t for those rock formations it would be just any other beach but they are so distinctive that it is worth the visit. Just so you know, those rocks have a fine white dust on them that are not as easy to get rid off.

Governor’s Beach

 6. Petra Tou Romiou

This is one of those places where you’d find lots of tourists and you still should go.Legendd says that Afrodite was born in this beach, and that is reason enough to be packed with tourists. The truth is that it was one of the waviest beaches we found in the island: it has a nice ramp a few metres after the pebbled shore. So the breakwall also offers a good foot masage. A few huge rocks are above water (several metres) and that is worth photographing and enjoying, this is why it is on our list.

Afrodite’s Beach and her place of birth

 7. Lara Beach

Although our adventure at Lara beach was not the best experience, we have to admit that the beach is really beautiful. Several kilometres and another place chosen by tortoise to lay their eggs, a protected area inside the Akamas peninsula, this place is less frequent than it could really be.

Lara Beach

 8. Nicosia

Even if it’s only because you land here, you have to see something of Nicosia. And when we say something, we mean the crazy border situation that you can find in its streets. The last divided city lives an absurd situation and it doesn’t look it will get better. But you shouldn’t miss it. Everything happens in Ledra Street, which longitude is absurdly short if you think that it is actually a border. A commercial street like any other with two stands (a Turkish-Cypriot and a Greek-Cypriot) dividing the city. Roadblocks which divide north and south, and that many restaurants and cafes have taken advantage of to put their business. Besides that there is also the citadel surrounded the city (north and south) and Büyük Han, in the Turkish-Cypriot side, an old resting place for nomad merchants and today it is a place with a cafe and several souvenir places.

Büyük Han

 9. Larnaca

The place to organise everything in the south of the island. From here you can choose who to do all the things you want to do with. But there is also St. Lazarus Church and in it his remains rest. If you like to bike around cities, the seaside path is perfect to do so; don’t miss it.

St Lazarus church

 10. Akamas Peninsula

To finish and besides some of the tips we’ve given you in this peninsula, there are some more. This is a protected area and it is best to explore in a 4×4 as the road turns dirt as soon as you entered it. It goes beyond the cost so you can also experience some more than beaches and change the view a little bit.


This is our short lits, as we said at the beginning, our full adventure is written and published from last summer. Any question you might have don’t hesitate in contacting us (in any of our platforms) and if you end up going to Cyprus, we would love to know what are your impressions and what would you add to this list.

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  1. This article has perfect timing for me as I just arrived to Cyprus a couple days ago! So far I have only been to the Turkish side but looking forward to see the Greek part of the island 🙂

    Me gusta

  2. Cyprus is so lovely yet underrated. Afrodite’s blue water is the most beautiful and serene shade of blue that I’ve ever seen! Absolutely intrigued by Cyprus now. Thanks for sharing, guys!

    Me gusta


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