Bites of Indonesia

(Nov 2016)

Last November we visited Indonesia. Well, when you say it like that it seems like went to every corner of the country, we wish! We were in Jogja, Bali and Flores. Although experts say (we are not experts) that of all the Southeast Asian food, Indonesian is not among the best, we loved it. And we still miss some of those dishes. So this is why we are writing this post: for the gastronomic longings.

Nasi pecel a Javanese dish consisting of rice with vegetables and peanut sauce; we tried at Warung Heru in Jogjakarta and it is spicy.



Mie goreng is a nuddles’ dish with vegetables, chicken, beef or shrimps, it is the king dish of the country, although we tried for the first time in Jogja you can find it anywhere in the country.



Gado-Gado again a Javanese dish, although we tried it in Bali, it has vegetables hard-boiled egg, tofu, tempeh, rice and peanut sauce.



In the same restaurant, Waroeng Bernadette, we tasted ketoprak, a dish with a base of rice and tofu and of course a different type of peanut sauce.



Cumi bakar base manis we tried it at Warung Bendega, grilled and spiced calamari.



Bebek bakar bendaga roasted and spiced duck, delicious.



Chicken satay, you probably have tried this already, chicken skewer with a hot peanut sauce.

The fish market in Labuan Bajo was a success.

A blog post about Indonesian food via @idowhatiwanto (7).png


And of course, you shouldn’t miss the fresh juice, the smoothies, and some luxury breakfast (or a fresh Bintang).

You can see all the pictures in the Gallery and our route in our section of Indonesia.

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  1. My only trip to Indonesia (Bali) was over twenty years ago and my first to Asia so I was not very adventurous with the food. I don’t think we tried any of this apart from the chicken satays. I really need to get back there and try authentic versions of some of the other meals, because they look delicious.

    Le gusta a 2 personas

  2. Ugh Chicken Satay! One of my favorite dishes!! I loved Indonesian food, especially when I was in Bali. I remember having a local cook us some kind of rice soup that was to die for! So amazing seeing how other countries and cultures can cook up a wonderful meal! Need to try all of these!!

    Le gusta a 1 persona

  3. This food looks delicious! I would definitely want to eat the noodle dishes! I live in dc and recently went to an Indonesian restaurant – I loved it too!

    Me gusta

  4. Looks like rice is the staple food in Indonesia. That way, Indonesian cuisine looks quiet near to home to me (I come from India). Although I am a vegetarian so I will remember my veg options from this article when I go to indonesia

    Me gusta


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