5 places not to miss in Gran Canaria

As you know, Sara is from Gran Canaria and it usually happens that when someone hears the name of the island images of sunny beaches come to mind. And, although that is true, it would be a shame if you visited it and missed some places that would definitely surprise you.

1.- Vegueta.

The old town and foundation place of the city in the XV century. Small and narrow streets and colonial houses make Vegueta a timeless place. In this neighborhood, you could also see plenty of buildings with historical importance (and many places with childhood memories). For example the Casa Museo de Colón (Colombus House Museum) with its four impressive fronts, the cathedral and Santa Ana’s square, the Gabinete Literario or the modern art museum CAAM; and also the Market of Vegueta and a great place to eat around or have a drink.


Probably the most renown beach of the island and there is a very good reason for it. This huge beach gets up to El Inglés beach, the dunes make it seem like a desert with the Atlantic Ocean at the end and its crystal clear water, are some of those reasons. It is protected now so you won’t find hotels with direct access to the sand but on the long avenue from which you can find La Charca viewpoint. If you don’t like seeing naked bodies then stay closer to the Lighthouse as this beach has a nudist area that is also shared with non-nudist bathers. This care and protection have transformed the beach into the Natural Reserve of Maspalomas Dunes.

3.- Puerto de las Nieves.

Puerto de las Nieves in the northeast side of the island doesn’t seem like something but you shouldn’t miss it, why? For its houses painted the same way, white walls, and blue doors and windows; for its small beach at both sides of the dock; for the natural pools and because you can also go to Agaete valley from there if you want to change sights. For us, beeing able to eat by the beach side is priceless and beeing in such a quiet place couldn’t be more relaxing.

4.- Roque Nublo.

It has taken us a lot to get to Roque Nuble and believe us, we have passed by it in many of our routes around the inner part of the island, but we had left some opportunities to pass by before going to the most known roque of the island. 1-hourur hike, easy and with great views, 1813m above the sea level. View of the Rana roque, the Fraile, Pico de las Nieves, Bentayga roque, Chira dam, Tenerife…

5.- Los Tilos de Moya.

An unusual route would be going to the Tilos de Moya an easy hike of a bit over an hour in a laurisilva forest. You didn’t think the island could be so green? It is surprising but this forest is perfect to do something different and the eucalyptus smell along the way will transport you to a different state and place than you first expected.


There are many other places on the island and you shouldn’t skip them, but we would be talking about them another time. For now, and if you come, you know what else to do beyond visiting our fantastic beaches.

All the pictures about the country can be seen in the Gallery and other routes in our section of Spain.

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25 comentarios

  1. I can see why you listed all of these places! They look like true gems, especially eating right by the beach. That would be right up my alley! Must put this on my growing “visit soon” list.

    Me gusta

  2. I am not sure where it is but your pictures are really impressive. Watching the sunrise or the sunset with my boyfriend is one thing that we would like to do as well. Aside from that, being surrounded by nature is really energy boosting. Have a safe and enjoyable travel always! 🙂

    Me gusta

    • This is Gran Canaria, part of the Canary Islands in Spain (closer to the African coast), you can find both nature and city life so it is perfect for everyone

      Me gusta

  3. Great tips on what not to miss, as well as how not to find yourself in a nudist beach area or two. I know several who have found themselves on nude beaches when they had not meant to be there. I love that you have shown one place that offers the beach along with other great outdoor nature experiences.

    Me gusta

    • Thanks, if you find yourself in these nudist areas nothing will happen, nobody will look at you or anything; but if you’re going to be uncomfortable then it is best you know. That is what I love about this little paradise, you can get any surrounding you like!

      Me gusta

  4. Great list on things to do in Gran Canaria. The streets of Vegueta are beautiful- I love how colorful the buildings are . And good tip on the nudist areas. I work at a local university and we have a nudist beach right on campus. It’s quite funny when people end up there not knowing it’s a nude beach.

    Me gusta

  5. Gran Canaria was the first place I ever visited outside of Ireland and I loved it. It’s a popular tourist destination from Ireland. I don’t think I visited any of the places mentioned apart from Maspalomas but I was only 10 so possibly just don’t remember lol. This makes me want to go back there!

    Me gusta


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