South of Bali

November 2016

Our days inland are over: hello sun! Hello beach! Yes, we leave Ubud and go to the south of the island of Bali, to Kuta. We have heard that this part of Bali is the most touristic and scoundrel of the island so we decided to spend only two days here. After all, we had to see Bali’s beach sites, right?

With the shuttle bus already organized to Kuta, we arrived at the hotel and head to Seminyak beach, we have lunch and now: the beach!!

Seminyak beach is incredible. You have to walk for a while to get the water up to your waist. The strong current and high waves will make you swim with caution, besides sunbathing you can surf or take some surf lessons. Along the beach, you will find many of these surf schools.


We sunbath, we have a swim, repeat. And now is sunset time… A-mazing!! All the lights at the clubs start lighting. People are either starting to have dinner or starting to have some drinks, life music mixed with the sound of the waves. Perfect to finish our first day.


We begin a new day and of course, we start with a delicious breakfast at The Shelter kind of DIY breakfast.

Let’s go to the beach. And that is how we spend our morning, laying down, swimming and walking across the beach. But we couldn’t just stay at the beach all day so at three in the afternoon our driver picks us up to take us to Tanah Lot temple. This temple is set on a rock over the sea, and that is what its name means: Land in Sea.

To get to it we have to cross a bit of sea side, and inside, they say, there are poisonous sea snakes that protect the gods. On the top, there is a restaurant. But the best thing to do is to walk through the rocks close to the sea and contemplate the temple in the distance. We see a few surfers enjoying the waves, and some other small temples along the way. It doesn’t look like the sunset is going to be a good one so we walk away from the main temple packed with tourists.


We were wrong. The clouds disappear from the sky and allow us to watch a spectacular sunset, even if we are not by the main temple. Although Tanah Lot and Ulun Dano Beratan can be similar as they both have a shopping complex around them, the effect that Tanah Lot left us was very different. It might be because the shops were more distant to the temple.

Back to Seminyak, in our last night in Bali, we separate from the noisy streets in search of a local warung (restaurant): Taman Bambu, don’t miss it! Very good food for very little money.

Tomorrow we fly again: Flores awaits!


Shared shuttle Ubud – Kuta 60.000 IDR (4 €) per person

Taxi Kuta – Seminyak 100.000 IDR (7 €)

Mersian Beach Inn (2 nights) 600.000 IDR (41’6 €) no breakfast

Two breakfast at The Shelter 237.000 IDR (16’5 €)

Tanah Lot entrance 15.000 IDR (1 €) per person

Dinner for two at Taman Bambu 60.000 IDR (4 €)

Transport Seminyak – Denpasar airport 150.000 IDR (10’5 €)

Which other beaches should we have gone to?

All our route around the country in our section of Indonesia.

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25 comentarios

  1. Como siempre es un placer seguirles y ver lo bien que aprovechan el tiempo disfrutando de todo y de lo mejor que hay para ver en cualquier lugar del planeta que se encuentra ….

    Me gusta

  2. This is a rather stunning beach! I would love to visit and go surfing here someday. We just spent time at the beaches in Florida for Christmas and it was so nice to escape from the inland like you two did!

    Me gusta

  3. I just love this type of stories like with the sea snakes that protect the gods. In bali I think the hardest thing is to choose which beach you’ll visit first haha. I like your choice for a beach.

    Me gusta

  4. I really want to go to Bali. I think if and when I do go I will go to a yoga retreat and then take some time after that to explore other parts of the island. It looks like such an amazing place to visit. thanks for your post.

    Me gusta

  5. I’m honestly not that big on the South of Bali or Kuta, it’s just too crowded for my taste. Head north of Ubud if you get the chance, it’s a great area to see the more rural and real parts of Bali. I love Bali though, I’ve been there several times and spent days wandering around the tiny kampungs and motorbiking about! These pictures definitely bring me back!

    Me gusta

    • That is what we thought exactly so we decided only to go one day to the South (as we were flying out the next day). We really enjoyed it (and it was low season) but we also agreed there are other nicer places in Bali. Thanks for the thought

      Le gusta a 1 persona

  6. I just love how you enjoyed the sun and the beach in South of Bali… As I’m afraid of going down to the waters, I really love to witness sunsets.. 🙂 thanks for sharing your expenses as well, its of a great help in planning for the budget when visiting Southeast Asia…

    Me gusta

  7. I liked your detailed description and also breakdown of costs. I haven’t been to Bali yet. It’s nice to learn about it. Thanks for sharing!

    Me gusta


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