Jogjakarta in 24 hours

(November 2016)

6:50 am, we land at Jakarta international airport and, before we set foot in the city we take another flight to Jogjakarta . We are in Java. Here is where our tiny route around Indonesia starts.

We get out of Jogja airport and decide to take the public bus. And the traffic is so dense that it takes us double the time expected. Once we leave our luggage at the hotel we go for lunch and to try to do something for the rest of the day. Just next to the hotel, there is a small restaurant that introduces us to the Indonesian cuisine. How delicious, cheap and spicy it is!

Wandering around Prawirotaman

When we finally started our day it was too late, the most important temples which are also UNESCO world heritage are outside the city, and they close early. So we just wander around the streets, we see the chaos of a city that we had been told it as quiet and kind. We don’t think is calm, could this be because we can’t compare it to any other in the country?

A tour on becak and we make another stop for dinner at Move On, the most modern place in the area we’re staying (Prawirotaman), and straight to bed; tomorrow will be another intense day full of activities.

Breathtaking temples

We make the decision of organizing a package activity to both temples: Borobudur and Prambanan. Although the first one opens at 6 in the morning you can organize it to watch the sunrise in the temple; the other option would be to watch it from the nearby hills although you won’t see much of Borobudur. The only inconvenience is that Manohara Resort has exclusivity for the sunrise as it is on the grounds of the temple, this is why this can be a bit pricey.

We rise early (that is something that is going to happen a lot during this holiday) and in the dark, we head to the biggest Buddhist temple in the world: Borobudur. But we didn’t get a beautiful sunrise, that is something that could happen if you travel during the rainy season. Although we missed the impressive reddish, orange and yellowish tones of the sun, we enjoyed the light changing colors with the morning fog, the solitude when the rest of the visitors ran to hiding when it started to rain and of course, we enjoyed the beautiful temple.

Now we head to Prambanan, the highest Hinduist temple in the world. We only had an hour and a half to visit it and its dimensions were scary. What remains of the main building is imposing: a central building dedicated to Shiva, and many others with smaller size dedicated to other Gods and Goddesses. Although there were a lot of people we could go around it with no rush. But we didn’t stop here. Prambanan complex includes other smaller temples too, some Hinduism some Buddhist, all on the same grounds. We went to Sewu temple, a Buddhist one, which is on the other side of the complex. And there was no one over there, well just another couple. It is not as impressive as the main one, but it is charming and the statues carved in stone are priceless.


We run back, we are running out of time. We agreed with the driver to leave us at the airport, we leave Jogjkarta. Now we fly to another island one of the many belonging to Indonesia: Bali is waiting for us.


Bus airport – Yogyakarta 3,500 IDR (0’24 €) per person

Lunch at Warung Heru 65,000 IDR (4’56 €)

Dinner at Move On 126,000 IDR (8’78 €)

Borobudur Sunrise 400,000 IDR (27’82 €) per person

Prambanan entrance 234,000 IDR (16’30 €) per person

Transport to Borobudur and Prambanan 160,000 IDR (11’14 €) per person

Curiosities along the way

It seems that Indonesia takes speaking English very seriously. During our stay and in some temples we found students groups who stop tourist (and record it) to talk, it is a mandatory activity for the school or the language school that they go to. Students introduce themselves, they ask your opinions about the country, they give you information and suggest places we should visit or what to eat. We love this idea!


What do you think about our 24 hours in Jogjakarta?

All our tour around the country in our section of Indonesia.

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17 comentarios

  1. The kids in Vietnam did the same thing as the ones you spoke to Yogyakarta. I think it is not only a great way for them to practice another language but also to helps them have an exchange of ideas, opinions and cultures.

    Great pictures and videos!


    Me gusta

  2. What a shame you didn’t get to see the sunrise however your photos still show that you had an amazing time. I will be heading to Indonesia after the Philippines so this is really relevant for me.

    Me gusta

  3. This looks like 24 hours that were well spent! This is a part of the world that I know very little about, but I’m so interested to learn more. I’d go and visit just to head to the temples! I’m hoping that in the near future we can get to Indonesia.

    Me gusta

  4. Indenosia is on my bucket list since a long time and I’ve heard so much and advices to take a trip there. Chasing the sunset is what I live for when I’m travelling! There’s nothing best than taking a moment to visit the wonderfulness of the temples! I’ve always been amazed with the magnificence of those! Your photos are amazing!

    Me gusta


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