When we were friends

– Let’s meet in Kadıköy on Sunday afternoon to eat some “churros” (yes, in Istanbul) and say goodbye for the last time.

Saturday was intense and I don’t know how many time we had the “last drink”.

Different scenario, different people but same situation. In Madrid, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, in Luanda, in Copenhagen… We have already talked here about the expat’s life, emigrants, citizens of the world or however you want to call it. We love it, it makes us happy and for now, we are not thinking of settling in one place.


But if there is something that we never get used to are farewells. Ours and many of our friends’ that we have met these past years, no matter how many times happens. You feel that, although it has been only a few months with this person, those were very intense. If social relationships when you live abroad have one characteristic is how intense they are. It seems that the distance with your closest friends and relatives forces you to open up yourself more to those around you, who are in the same situation and feel nostalgic every once in a while too.

Then, time goes by and your life continues in this or that city and the process starts again: new people, new friends, farewells again. Sometimes you contact through social media those who left to find out how is it going in Uganda, Mexico, England… Some of these friendships will last for a while and will bring you good memories and others will last many years.


From time to time, not as much as our mothers would love to, you go back home and meet with your old friends and even though you have not talked in months and things change and people even more, something stays the same, your friendship. You go for some beers and catch up. You tell them about your new group of friends in Istanbul  and the trips you have done in the region. You start thinking and realize that you have more and more friends around the world and one way or the other you miss them all.

Sometimes, you have the chance to reunite with those friends in a totally different place from where you met them. From Luanda to Istanbul, from Istanbul to Madrid or you return to Copenhagen. And you mix them with your long time friends or with the new ones and all of a sudden everything fits. It looks like they know each other after some many stories you told one another and the other way around. And you become aware that even it was just a few months living in the same city it will last in the distance. You could almost travel the world just visiting them. And that is an incredible feeling. The Friendship, I mean!

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  1. I always liked the intensity of friendships made when travelling; while it can be hard to connect with people at home, the limited time creates bonds in a time lapse. The first times I was very disappointed afterwards when realizing that things change when one is travelling on but I’ve learned to accept it and to enjoy very much the moment and to be grateful for the very footprint that person left on my paths.

    Le gusta a 1 persona


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