First year blogging!

On November 6 we celebrated a year since we launched our first post in this new version of our travel and life adventures. Many things have happened since then. We can also say that we have added a few more countries in our list (Iran, Greece, Cyprus, Belarus and Ukraine) achieving a total of 39 countries so far (soon there will be more, we still have another “grand trip” coming up). But we have also had time to explore other areas in Turkey, the country where we are living at the moment.

We have gotten into the world of travel blogs (a bit more serious than before) so we can’t stop reading others bloggers, watch their videos and listen to their anecdotes; but furthermore to connect with them. We follow one another, we leave supportive messages, we debate and often chat on Twitter and above all, we stay up to date with our travel adventures. Travel blogs are a great resource to organize holidays, weekend getaways and to learn a bit more about countries you didn’t know or didn’t even think they were interesting. This happened to us with countries like Oman, Kuwait, Slovenia or Cyprus where we had the chance to travel to.

During this year we also had the chance to fly in a balloon in Cappadocia, we fell in love with Iran and its ceilings, we met amazing travelers like the Zapp family and now we can only think of traveling.


Of course, we are “expat” for one more year, which means new friends, new things to adapt to and new challenges to overcome. But still, we had the chance to share with our friends and family their greatest days like the weddings of Sergio & Irene, Marina & Jorge or Cristobal & Maria. Thank you for keeping us so close when we are so far. And this hasn’t been a regular expat year, we have spent it in Turkey, and in this country, many things have happened (the main thing the attempted military coup) which has only made us closer to our expat friends. Of course, it has given us the chance to explore the country and to go deeper into the culture, something we love.

It’s not only a year of this blog, it is also another year in our lives. And this heap of experience renovates us from the inside. As Marcel Proust says

The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.


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