One day trip to the National Park of Teide

We were enjoying our summer in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria a few years ago when we decided to cross to Tenerife to have a one-day trip to the National Park of Teide.


From Gran Canaria, we took the boat to Tenerife (it takes 2 and a half hours approximately), and we shipped our car so we didn’t have to go with public transport or rent a car as we were only going to be there for a day and we didn’t want to miss anything.


This image belongs to the Ministerio de Fomento


The National Park of Teide is located right in the center of Tenerife island and it is formed by craters, volcanoes, and rivers of petrified lava, all this surrounded the highest peak in Spain: Teide, a volcano 3718 meters over sea level which puts it into the third highest and largest volcanic structure (after two Hawaiian volcanoes) in the world. On sunny days you can see Teide from Las Canteras beach in Gran Canaria as well as from Gomera island.


According to the Guanche myth (first settlers of the island), the king of evil (Guayota) lived inside of the volcano and kidnapped the God of sun and light (Magec). The Guanche population asked for mercy to the superior God (Achamán) who listen and defeated Guyota, taking Magec out of the volcano and plugged the volcano. It is believed that this “plugging” refers to the last cone of the volcano at the top of Teide.


Besides driving through the park to admire the different sights of interest, you should try to get to the top. You can drive up to the cable car located at 2356 meters high and in only 8 minutes you will reach the summit, not the top, at 3555 meters over the sea level. To get to the top you will need a special permission, each day they give a certain amount of permissions, this way, the mountain is preserved. From there you can take different hiking routes according to how fit you are, the time you have or the weather conditions.

The park also offers other activities such as visiting the Teide Observatory, watching the stars in a place with no light pollution, or any of the special activities offered by the park.

Since January 1952 it was declared National Park and in 2007 it became World Heritage by the UNESCO, and you can understand it. Not only the volcano is impressive and a reason for admiration, but the park also has thousands of well-taken care treasures to enjoy. It is so impressive and beautiful that not even filmmakers have been able to resist it. Here they filmed Clash of the Titans or Fast and Furious to mention the most recent ones.

Did you like it? Have you visited Tenerife and Teide? We hope that if you haven’t done it yet you don’t dismiss this Canarian wonder.

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29 comentarios

    • As a Canarian I would always recommend to just rent a car and explore the islands, there is so much more to see than the beach, even if they are just wonderful!

      Me gusta

  1. Thank you so much for this travel throwback to Tenerife and Teide! I loved the place, and for me it was the first volcano I have ever went up to. So, it really has a very special place in my heart 🙂 I think that everyone who comes to Tenerife should do this!

    Me gusta

  2. First of all, these islands have been on my list since I’ve learned about them! I’ve never been near a volcano, much less been to a summit. Looks very cool!! How do you get the special permission? Can you go through the tourism office?

    Me gusta

    • Yes, you just have to ask for it in advance because there are only few (100) permissions per day. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it whenever you can go. Remember you can do it all year around as the weather doesn’t have huge changes 😉 Thanks!

      Me gusta

  3. The National Park looks so pretty! I have heard a lot before about the volcano of Tenerife. I didn’t know you need a permit to hike to the top. If I’ll visit I’ll make sure to obtain one, I bet it’s worth the trip up there.

    Me gusta

  4. When I think of Canary Islands I imagine beach and palm trees and lots of tourists chilling on the beach, so your experience looks like a really unique thing to do in Tenerife. Will think of this national park when I visit Canary Islands.

    Me gusta

    • Thanks! There is so much, we will be posting more after Christmas (we are going there for the holiday) and we’ll show more of it! 😉 hope to stay in touch and you get more info

      Me gusta


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