The Black Villages

May 2016

This week we would like to bring you a perfect plan to escape from Madrid for a weekend or simply to add it to your trip list in Spain from where ever you are coming from. This is an area that it might not be very known and visited but offers lots of possibilities and it is just 100 km away from Madrid.

Los Pueblos Negros are in the north mountains of Guadalajara as part of the Mazizo Ayllon and they are called like that because of its architecture. All houses are built with black slate giving a charming and melancholic aspect. Additionally, the beauty of this natural environment  makes of this group of villages a perfect rural trip to practice trekking, mountain biking or enjoying the quietness and its gastronomy (especially the roasted lamb).

Los Pueblos Negros are Campillejo, El Espinar, Campillo de Ranas, Roblelacasa, Robleluengo, Majaelrayo, Valverde de los Arroyos y Zarzuela de Galve. The best to get there is driving your own car or renting one because of the limited public transportation options.

These are very small villages where it has grown the offer of rural houses for renting. We would recommend to select one of them as a base camp and to spend the night and organize your own route by car, bike or walking. The villages are just a few kilometers away from each other and there are many paths to enjoy the nature.

We stayed at Campillo de Ranas in the Rural Apartments Aldea Tejera Negra. It is totally recommendable and has its own restaurant.

All pictures and videos of Spain are in the Gallery and you can check other sights of the country in our Spain section

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