Madrid: Traveller in your own city

May 2016

Where the fugitive keeps coming back, Sabina said in his song “Pongamos que hablo de Madrid” (Let’s say I’m talking about Madrid). And that is what happens to us, every time we get to this crossroad, a city shaped by immigrants from all around Spain, because we have to admit, pure “gatos” (nickname by which people from Madrid are known) are just a few.

And every time we go back, to visit family and friends it surprises us again. Every time makes more sense the sentence “de Madrid al cielo” (from Madrid to the sky) and it might be because we miss it but every time it looks more beautiful. And it might be because of this traveller’s gene that makes us live and travel around the world, but when you are back you see it with a different set of eyes, you want to explore it as you would any Asian city 10000km away, and you want to experience it like locals, but you don’t know it as well as you did 5 years ago when you left. And you realized that you’ve become a traveller in your own city.

Nonetheless, most of your time is spent with family and friends, it has been months since you last saw each other and you want to know everything, how is life going, their work, this new person they have met and could be “the one”. So you take advantage of it, and you don’t say no to anything, beer at San Fernando’s Market, a meal in the Senegalese restaurant of Lavapiés, a drink at the terrace of the Círculo de Bellas Artes o a fun dinner in the new terrace of some friends. Each of them is a good excuse to keep discovering a city which for a long time you considered your only home and a city you would never leave.

You take the chance and take your camera to take pictures of all those places that you used to go by and didn’t think about, and that now have become real monuments as the ones you visit around the globe. And you sit and watch a sunset at Debod’s Temple, on a weekday, by yourself, no rush, and you feel it again, you fall back in love with Madrid, but this time is different, now Madrid is and will be one of those incredible cities that you visited in your trip around the world. And now it doesn’t matter the distance or the time until you see it again, every time we get back it will surprise us and we will explore it again. Until next time Madrid.


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    • You will enjoy it for sure. For us the best moment to visit Madrid is in May. Lot of sun, lot of things going on and not too hot


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