Full moon in Zanzibar

(March 2012)

After the 5 last days visiting Kenya and its incredible national parks, we had to finish the best way possible, enjoying the white sand and clear water of the Indic Ocean of Zanzibar. From Nairobi there are flights every hour to get to the island.


In Stone Town, the capital city, we hired a car to move around the island and to get to Kendwa beach where we would spend three days. But first, Stone Town deserved a visit. Now we can say that half a day in Stone Town is not enough, better two days to be delighted by the mixed of cultures that this corner offers.

After getting lost in its streets and eat in one of the many restaurants, we decided to head up north to Kendwa beach where we stayed at a very simple, cheap and nice bungalows. Kendwa Rock is the most famous and busy hostel in the area. It was a wise choice to stay in a different place, not only for the price but also for its tranquility and because it was walking distance from the rest of the hostels with more party at night. Waking up and going out from your hut to have breakfast in front of the Indic Ocean can’t be explained with words.

From Kendwa we drove to other beaches we decided to take a boat trip and snorkel in the coral reef. The visibility and the impressive sea bottom makes this activity or scuba diving almost mandatory.

In our last night, Zanzibar said goodbye to us with the last full moon party of the season. Kendwa was packed with travelers and locals, we drank and we danced wishing the sun not to come up and delay our goodbyes and the end of a magical trip among five friends.


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