Nairobi meeting point.

(March 2012)

Kenya is Kenya. Obviously! And how to travel around Kenya and its safaris is almost all written. Few things we could tell that would be original or new even less when we couldn’t do it our way as we had no time. But there is one thing certain: trips with friends are awesome! And if the starting point is Nairobi, even more. Kenya’s capital is the beginning of a trip that gathered 5 destinations: Bucharest, Dubai, Cairo, Johannesburg and Luanda. 5 friends, 5 stories and a week to catch up.

Kenia 7

Safari in Kenya and beach in Zanzibar, a perfect combination. March is not high season, you can see that both in the prices and in the number of tourists, so the date was also perfect.

The trip around Kenya was organized by Topo Safaris. A common friend got us in touch with Topo and since the first email to the last day in Kenya, the relationship and the experience were incredible. They organized the trip according to our preferences and our budget and it all went great. The best part of all was Milton, co-founder of Topo Safaris and our guide. His stories and his kindness made the difference.

After a warm welcoming reunion we carried our backpacks in the van that would take us around for the next few days and we started the trip. The first few hours on the road were ideal to start telling stories and anecdotes from each destination: sheiks, pyramids, street band dogs, African nights… This was a good start!

First stop the Great Rift Valley, what an incredible view. After a few more hours driving we got to Lake Naivasha National Park where Crescent Island is located; this island is where some of the most famous scenes from Out of Africa were filmed.

After the first day, we started the safaris. First Lake Nakuru National Park and after that Masai Mara National Park.In the last one, we visited a Masai village which was very focused for tourist visitors, but interesting anyway.

At this point, we would like to reflect on something. There are people who criticize this type of trips and the tourists exploitation of the natural reserves. In general, to the human being, it is difficult to value something that it can’t be enjoyed and appreciate, therefore forbidding the entrance to those parks could end up being even more negative: fewer visitors, lower income, fewer opportunities to the local communities, a higher risk of poaching… A balance that guarantees the well being of the natural reserves and its animals and that could allow visitors to appreciate and acknowledge the wonderful wildlife that inhabits planet Earth is needed. Only with this balance, we would maintain this wildlife oasis. After all, you only need to take a look to any of these photos to realizes how wonderful is this planet and the creatures in it.

Thank you very much Álvaro, Javi, Juanba and Sonia for this trip and for the photographs. The trip continues in Zanzibar, Sun, and Full Moon


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