Balkans: buddies roadtrip

(July 2013)

There are plenty of trips around the Balkans and people writing about them even more. By car, public transport, by bike, as backpackers, as luxury travelers, for beach lovers, for those interested in recent history… Whatever it is, a trip through the Balkans with friends is a great idea if you are still thinking where to go for your next holidays.

Our recommendation: if you go for a short number of days choose which countries you want to visit and what do you want to see and organize a tour that would let you enjoy without rushing; better to leave some things out, at the end of the trip you would be grateful to have had time to enjoy in every stop.

Our story: 6 buddies, 17 days, two cars and Liubliana as the meeting point.

The result: 4 countries, nature, beach, mountain, islands, history, party and much more.

Route: Ljubljana, Zagreb, Split, Mostar, Sarajevo, Podgorica, Kotor, Dubrovnik, Hvar, Ljubljana.

It would be very difficult to write in just one post all the places we visited but here is an overview of the trip.

Ljubljana’s old town, its pink Trinity church, Metelkova neighborhood, teaching a bartender how to prepare a Jagerbomb and find out that on the next day it’s already on the menu, Postojna’s caves, walk around Zagreb and its nightlife.


Diocletian Mausoleum and Domnio Cathedral in Split. Mostar bridge, walk around the streets and still today feel a bit of the sad history written there. Three hours trying to get into Sarajevo and park, ending the night with the FK Sarajevo supporters. Crossing a Bosnian-Muslim cemetery to climb the yellow fortress and that the sadness gets to you when you realize how far cruelty can go as you see thousands of tombs from 1993 and 1994 and when you reach the yellow fortress a smile admire Sarajevo from there.


Kravice waterfalls, the immense Durmitor National Park and sharing a house and Rakia at Podgorica. To get ripped off and be charged double for a trip around Skadar, Kotor bay, its coves and dancing all night with Balkan music, and Perast, most of all Perast.

Dubrovnik, ist crystalline waters, its castle, its wall and its coffee shops at the edge of a cliff and another party. We are almost at the end of the trip, it seems there will be very few things to surprise us by now and then we get to Hvar, beach, beach clubs, party and find a small cove to enjoy our last day, having a great meal full of fish and seafood. 9 hours back to Ljubljana and see you next time, buddies!



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