3 places in London

London is our favourite European city, there are still lots to visit, but this one is very close to our hearts. Actually, our first holiday trip as a couple was to London, although Sara had visited it before (many times) and since then we keep going every once in a while.

There are so many things to say about the city… and for sure we will go back to visit the city again and comment on it, but today we are just going to share with you, our three favourite spots (it is very little and it has been very difficult) and the reasons for it.

Natural History Museum

The museum, free entrance, is charming from outside already. The building, built in 1981, is a masterpiece from A. Waterhouse and it is spectacular. In a modern city like this one, finding Romanesque buildings it is outstanding. Besides that, you have a great garden around the building. A diplodocus greets you at the entrance of the museum and it has been there for the past 100 years, also a gigantic 1300 years old sequoia trunk.

Natural History Museum

The museum as many others in London is financed by the members and donative from its visitors. Although it is free, and this is great when you go on low-budget, we should think about how costly is the maintenance of places like this and that every penny counts.

Royal Albert Hall

This amazing concert hall was inaugurated in 1871 and there has been more than just concerts. From traditional classical music concerts to the Spice Girls or boxing matches and Cirque du Soleil shows. Besides there usually are tickets for all kind of budget so it wouldn’t be a waste to take the chance and enjoy what is on while you visit.

But our favourite place is not our spot but the area just in front of it, Hyde Park looking to the Royal Albert Hall and next to the Albert Memorial. This exact spot is an exquisite place between nature, as the park is immense, and a city which has all sort of eras, not only the concert hall but all the buildings around it.

Parliament Square

This last one has a trick! The square is just like many other gardens and parks in London. Big, green places that in a sunny day gets full of locals and tourists having a picnic, sunbathing or even taking a nap. Why do we say it has a trick?

From this spot you can see some of the most known and tourists places in London: Winston Churchill statue, Big Ben, House of Commons, Houses of Parliament and Westminster’s Abbey. And if you stand towards river Thames and walk to the left on the square you can see London Eye (a must whether day or night time especially if the sky is clear).

Any person that has gone to London will miss many places, and we agree, but then again these are our special places. Those places that no matter how many times or season we go, we keep visiting.

Do you have any special place in London?


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