The Zapp family

A few weeks ago we found out and announced that the Zapp family would come by Istanbul in their route to Europe and that possible they would come and visit. Well, it happened!

But, who are the Zapp? The Zapp is an Argentinian family who started their trip to Alaska almost 16 years ago. This was their only travel plan but when it ended they couldn’t stop planning and since then they have been to America, Asia, Australia and Africa. In their way their lives have changed; before they were two (Herman and Candelaria) and now they are six.

Haciendo una foto de familia

With all the places they’ve visited, all the experiences they have gathered and all the people they’ve meet you could say they have seen it all; however, they still keep the skill to be sincerely astonished about what happens and what they see. We can say that they got to the European country for the first time with us, and how did they experience it! They joy in their faces, the search for details… It is probably what would surprise you the most when you see them, they keep their curiosity, the humility of knowing that they don’t know everything and the ability to get surprised like little kids.

And the kids… Pampa (14, USA), Tehue (11, Argentina), Paloma (8, Canada) and Wallaby (6, Australia) live happily, are responsible, self-guided, warm hearts, restless and the living prove that you can travel with kids. In fact, you should travel with small kids just for all the things you’ll learn from them, to see the world from their eyes.

Una foto en familia

Now they have three months around Turkey and have promised to come back to see us before heading to the last continent to explore (the “old continent”) if we don’t see each other before. For us, it was a very special and inspiring visit and we would never forget them.


For now, they have a book about their first trip to Alaska: Spark your dream but they are already thinking of sharing with everyone their experience around the world.


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