Detour in Spain, Monasterio de Piedra

After a few days of rest, we are back. In our Christmas stop, we decided to do a detour and visit the Monasterio de Piedra in the Zaragoza province, Spain.

The name comes after the river. It is much more than a monastery, it’s mostly a Natural Park and its motto is “Where water shows the way”. The entrance fee covers both the park and the guided visit to the monastery.

Although it was cold, as it should be by the end of December, we had an extraordinary day. However, it would be much better to visit it either in spring or summer. The hike around the park takes around two hours but don’t worry this will be a relaxed hike where you can take lots of pictures. The signalling is easy to follow and you won’t miss a thing.

From the very beginning, water is present. Waterfall after waterfall over multiple rocks and a green scenery, caves, lakes and a small fish farm. The park is well prepared but it is not ready for people in wheelchairs or baby strollers just because there are a lot of stairs and steps on the rocks.

The different shades of blue in the water, of green in the forest and of brown and grey in the stone combine wonderfully. Mountain and cave erosion make you wonder about time. If you come on the right time you could also enjoy the birds of prey flight show, we couldn’t do it but if you have, tell us about it!

Once we finished visiting the park, it was time to visit the Cistercian monastery from the XII century. This monastery is beautiful just because it’s simple and although there are some figures missing or semi-destroyed you can imagine how beauty they must have been. The old church, doesn’t have a dome, is beauteous and it was built in between architectural styles. This guided visit is short, about 45 minutes and it finishes with a tour of the Wine Museum of the area (Calatayud) and includes how wine was made in the time when monks lived in the monastery.

The Monasterio de Piedra also includes a hotel and a spa, and in the same enclosure, there are two restaurants. But if you prefer you can eat in the villages around. We had lunch in Nuévalos but you can choose around depending on your budget.

If you have been in the area, if you want to comment or recommend something, don’t hesitate!

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