Bergen, land of fjords and much more

Bergen, the city of rain and the Norwegian fjords, is the second biggest city in Norway after Oslo and it offers a bunch of activities to enjoy nature. It is perfect for a short trip or a must stop for a Nordic trip.

Bergen is a small city and his historic down town is easy to walk around. First of all, we recommend a quick stop at the tourism office located just above the Fish Market at the port. From here, you can book your trips to the fjords, where they offer from a one-hour boat trip to one day trip that combines boat, train, and bus.

To sleep, there are many hotels, youth hostels and apartments. We were lucky to stay in a small house on top of the hill in the centre with an amazing view of the port.

Spend at least half a day to visit the city, walk around the port and enjoy the colourful houses that were used as warehouses to keep and dry the fish. You can visit the Museum of the City, the aquarium, and the KODE art Museum.

Even though it is expensive, a must stop is the Fish Market, to have lunch or dinner. Fresh fish and seafood cooked in a simple way but delicious.

Now is time to do some exercise and enjoy nature. Go to the Floyen and Ulriken mountains (you can walk or take the funicular and the cable car respectively) and once you are at the top you will find a great number of walking routes. Take your time to contemplate the amazing view of the city and the mountains.

Another must stop is the wood church of Fantoft. It is located outside the city and you will need to take the tram and then walk another twenty minutes to get to the forest where the church is. It is built in sculpted wood and mix the Nordic mythology and Christian symbols. The locals say that you can feel the energy of all the ancient rituals carried out in the church and the surroundings. Check it yourself, find a nice place to sit down and enjoy the silence and mysticism evolving the forest.

And finally, the best part: The Fjords.

One of the excursions we recommend is the one that goes to the Hardanger fjord. The trip lasts 9 hours, it starts by train to Voss, then a bus to Gudvagen where you jump into the boat for two hours admiring the stunning views of the fjord up to Flam, a small and very charm village. Another train to Myrdal and then all the way back to Bergen by train.

A more economic option and shorter is the cruise trip of 3 hours to Mostraumen. Both excursions are very different but worth it.  The first one is magic  with the villages along the mountains, the second one ends in a spectacular narrow where you can try water coming straight from the mountains.

 Our suggestion: If you have time and budget do both excursions.


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